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Luxury Bath Bombs


Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless romantic is a luxurious white bath bomb that's topped with beautiful dried red rose petals and filled with a lovely red and pink color inside. This bath bomb creates a luxurious bubble bath experience and brings the upscale spa to you.

Hopeless Romantic

Lavie Girl

Who doesn't love lavender? Lavie girl is a luxurious essential oil white and violet layered bath bomb filled with a beautiful purple center and topped with dried lavender buds. The combination of oils create such a relaxing scent. This bath bomb creates a calming bath experience and a perfect addition to your nighttime routine.

Lavie Girl

I absolutely love that these bath bombs are hand made and so beautiful! You can tell a lot of thought goes into not only the bath bombs but the business as a whole. I love that by being a customer I can help support a hustling mama and black owned business! Can’t wait for more scents.


These bath bombs are amazing quality and they smell so good. They are perfect for some relaxing “me” time. I love supporting small businesses and this business is ran by an amazing single momma.


I had a lavender bath bomb and it blew my mind! It did something to my mental. After a really long and crazy day, after the kids went down I drew my bath. I was able to totally and completely unwind!! My skin was soft, it changed the way I looked when I got out of the tub and I slept like a little baby. The bath bomb lasted about 5-7 whole minutes to dissolve, I loved that so much!! It felt like I had been rewarded after a long day.


We purchased 100 Bomb Moms bath bombs for our ministry to give to mommas for self care We are so pleased with the quality. Not overly fragrant, very natural and soothing. Great product! And a beautifully packaged gift!!!


This bomb was so relaxing and the perfect addition to my bath! They are so pretty and smell pretty too! I will definitely be buying again!


These are the BEST bath bombs ever! I’ve tried both smells and they are equally as amazing. They leave real rose petals or lavender seeds in your bath, and in the middle it releases a pretty color to the water. It dissolved fast, leaving my bath water super relaxing, soft soothing skin and smelling amazing. These are worth the cost!!!